Monday, July 30, 2012

Hard Reset for Motorola Droid A855

For those having an issue with their Motorola Droid A855 like hang or slow response or perhaps just want to reformat your phone and start fresh , you can reset it back to factory default setting .

We are going to show you two different techniques of hard reset for Motorola Droid A855. You can try it with the use of the device key or the setting menu .

Using the setting menu:
1. From the home screen, select the applications tab (located at the bottom).
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Privacy.
4. Select Factory data reset.
5. Select Reset phone.
6. Select Erase Everything.

Using the device key:
1. Power OFF your device.
2. Slide to open keyboard.
3. Hold the letter X then press the power ON until you see a graphic of an exclamation point within a triangle.
4. Press and hold the Volume Up key then Camera key until the recovery menu appears.
5. Using the Volume key select Wipe Data Factory Reset
6. Press the center of navigation pad.
7. Using the Volume keys select Delete All User Data.
8.  Press the center of navigation pad.
8. Using the Volume keys select Reboot System Now.

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