Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hard Reset Samsung Mobile T939 Behold 2

Hard reset Samsung mobile T939 Behold 2 is done if your phone can no longer able to startup or go into the main menu. If you have this, you can do a hard reset by pressing a secret key

A hard reset restores your phone to factory settings. You will lose all data on your phone and you need to reinstall everything. So you must take note all your logins, apps you may have bought and so on so you can reinstall them or copy the files in phone memory to a safe place such as a memory card.

There are two different techniques to hard reset Samsung mobile T939 Behold 2. By using the device key or the setting menu.

Using the setting menu

1. From the main home screen, tap Quick List
2. Tap Settings, then Reset settings
3. Tap Master reset
4. Enter your password, then tap Yes to confirm
    Note: The default password is 0000

Using the device key

1. Power off the phone.
2. Press and hold the Volume Down, Send and End buttons in that order. Make sure you pressed and hold  the three buttons together and that the end key is pressed last.
3. When a graphic appears on the display, press the Menu key to begin the reset.

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