Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Here's the guide regarding how to restore back or hard reset Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 to it's original factory default settings . This technique is helpful should there be a lag , frozen , hang or unresponsive problems . This may not be recommendable on certain aspect , as it will wipe and erase all the data saved from your Samsung Galaxy Y , thus just be sure to do a back-up copy of every of the essential files that you had on your own device .

The common remedy if ever the device hangs or perhaps it frozen , is to simply to take the battery out then after a few seconds insert it back again . Power On your device. If you can open the keypad menu, reset your own device by simply dialing this code *2767*3855# , your phone will be reset to factory defaults after reboot.

However the code will not work in cases where your Samsung Galaxy Y is frozen and end up being unresponsive as it just hangs on welcome screen logo . To fix it, take the battery out then simply place it back again . Don't power it ON yet, simply press and hold the Volume Up button, Menu button and Power button at the same time . A menu will show up that allows you to select some options. Simply use the volume button to toggle. Select wipe data/factory reset then delete all users. After that select reboot system now. Your Galaxy Y will reboot and restored to its factory default settings .

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  1. I tried the hard reset however when it reboots it freezes on the welcome screen again!!